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Reason to choose

Why Should You
Need Cloud Desktop

The latest problems induced by traditional IT in modern businesses and how it is causing security and compliance risks, employee’s unproductivity and frustration as well as increasing IT costs. We then evaluate the alternatives and how Cloud Hosted Desktops and Servers reduces security risks, empower employees and reduces operating expenses.

This guide is written for all organizations that rely on physical desktop and laptop computers as well as on-site servers to run their business. It is especially aimed at business owners, CEOs, CIOs and IT directors of small and medium sized business but can also apply to larger organizations in both private and public sector. The problems discussed are universal and scale small and large organizations across most industries.

Reason of cloud Desktop

Benefits of the
Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop Services


Increase security with a fullransomware protection

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Increase employee productivityand allow work-from-home program

virtual Cloud Desktop Services

Remote Access

Easy and secure remote accessfrom anywhere

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Reduce Expenses

Reduce IT expenses with nomore computers and serversto buy


Do I need to
Address this?

  • You are worried about the increasing risks of widespread viruses and ransomware attacks?
  • You wonder how you can maintain regulatory compliance (HIPAA, PCI, etc.) and avoid penalties in case of breach?
  • You are worried that a natural disaster such as hurricane, flood or wildfire affects the continuity of your business?
  • You want to enable remote workers (including yourself) and let employees work from home on their own devices without worrying about data leaks and compatibility issues?
  • You would like to reduce capital expenses for new computer equipment and pay a fixed monthly recurrent price for only what you need?
  • You don’t want (and you don’t need) a full blown IT department but in the same time you want to minimize downtime and the peace of mind that your network and data is secure? That everything is stable and under control?
  • You want to give your clients or consultants a secure and restricted remote access to part of the information in your systems?
  • You are worried about employee data theft, hacks and breaches and how to properly secure and backup your data?
  • You are hiring part-time or seasonal people and you feel that buying brand new hardware for everyone is a waste of money?
  • You want your staff (and yourself) to securely access your systems on the go wherever they are?
  • You are hiring new people and you want to get them up to speed quickly but you don’t have the man-power or time to setup all their computer accounts and equipment?
  • You are hiring new people and you want to get them up to speed quickly but you don’t have the man-power or time to setup all their computer accounts and equipment?
  • You wish you could have a Cloud version of your traditional desktop applications such as QuickBooks, Epicor, an ERP software or any other business application?


Our Features

Daily Backup

Daily Backup

Daily backup snapshots are taken automatically and 100% ransomware proof


Technical Support

Fanatical technical support over online chat,email and phone

Cloud Desktop Services  dallas

Antivirus Protection

Antivirus and malware protection by default

Cloud Desktop Services

Web Browser Access

One-click web browser access from anydevice

Two-step authentication

Two-step authentication for you and youremployees

No need computers

Compatible with any modern thin and zeroclients. No need to buy computers anymore.

Did You Know? A Small Business Infected By A Ransomware Will Take On Average 1 to 2 Weeks To Recover Even With Proper Backups And The Help of A Professional IT Firm?
Can you really afford to have your business down for 2 weeks and hire expensive recovery experts?
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Reason of cloud Desktop

Benefits of the
Cloud Desktop

SSL encryptions

SSL encryptions

SSL encryptions on all communications

Cloud Desktop Services


Two-step authentication (Email + SMS)

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Data Center

Tier III datacenter locations in America, Europe,South-East Asia, Oceania

Cloud Desktop Services dallas

Daily replication

Daily replication of all the data to another location

3-layer firewall

3-layer firewall with DDoS protection at the datacenter


HIPAA and PCI compliant datacenters

Secure private

Secure private networks between Cloud computerand your office

Malware Protection

Antivirus and malware protection by default